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 5th Annual VALA Challenge Cup

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PostSubject: 5th Annual VALA Challenge Cup   Fri 17 Jun 2011, 3:38 pm

“The Rubber Match is this October”
Where: Golden Bear Golf Club, Hilton Head, SC
When: October 16th – 19th, 2011
Who: Top 7 Per Flight Qualify after Local Finals & Three Captains Picks

Time to get serious about our Team for this years Match Play event against Louisiana.

This is just an exercise, but if the Challenge Cup were to start tomorrow, the following players
below would earn their spot on the team. With half of the season complete and the Chase Cup
Playoffs right around the corner, Who will make the Team this Year? Players will qualify for Team
Virginia based on the Chase Cup Standings, so to qualify your have to play in all four Chase Cup Playoff Events.

No holding back now!

Each Flight will also have two Captain's Picks Selected by the Team Captain Lyle Joyner. Just a fair warning to
all, a Captains Pick doesn't mean #9 - #10 in the Standings, it could be #20.

Virginia Team Composition, for each flight:
» Season Champion (1 – Per Flight)
» Chase Cup Champion (1 – Per Flight)
» Final Chase Cup Standings 2nd thru 7th (6 ‐ Per Flight)(If the Season Champion also finishes in the top seven of the Chase, this becomes 2nd thru 8th)
» Captain’s Picks (2 – Per Flight)

What does all this mean?

Well if you know what the VALA Cup is, then it needs no further explanation. But in these
names are several rookies that may or may not have aspirations of going to Hilton Head this
year. Each year there is a "Tour Championship" that players from the 40 plus tours around
the country compete in to determine the best player in each flight. During that week, Louisiana
and Virginia compete in a 54 hole match play event that has grown into a premier event.

The Challenge Cup is October 16th - 19th, and Nationals is October 21st - 23rd.

If you make the Challenge Cup Team, you are also eligible to compete in the Tour Championship
which is a 54 hole medal event. Fortunately, for many players, the Challenge Cup is not tomorrow,
and this snap shot above will change many more times before October 16th.

So, my advice to each of the Virginia Players, get your game ready, the roller coaster is about to
hit that long hard climb to the top, the cream will rise, and the best players will once again claim their spots.

I have a few matches in my head that I "can already see."

Gallagher vs Guillory; (After the halved match in 2010, set for another)
McMath vs Adkins; (Adkins hasn't won in Singles yet)
Tuttle vs Eznack; (Tuttle was on fire at the VALA in 2010)
Layne vs Toloso; (grudge match from 2010)
Mauro vs Lewis; (Tony Beat Justin in 2009, can he take down Jason)
Matthews vs Cain; (Cain would get all he could handle here)
Weaver vs Taylor; (He took one Taylor down in 2010, take another down in 2011)
Ric Wiese vs Tag Griffin; (The hottest Tidewater Tour Player right now, Tag your It!!!)
Hall vs Murphy (Last singles match for Hall was a route in his favor ; 9 & 8 )

I could go on and on, in fact, I'll continue this in my next news letter..... stay tuned for more!

Challenge Cup Agenda
October 16th: VALA Skins Game starts at 1:30 pm
October 16th: First Pairings Party at 6:30 pm
October 17th: Modify Foursomes Matches – Shotgun at 1:30 pm
October 17th: Second Pairings Party at 6:30 pm
October 18th: Four-Ball Matches – Double Tee at 8:00 am
October 18th: Third Pairings Party at 6:30 pm
October 19th: Singles Matches – Double Tee at 8:00 am
October 19th – Awards & Trophy Presentation

Champions of the Challenge Cup
2007 - Louisiana 17 to 13
2008 – Virginia 31 to 29
2009 – Louisiana 59 to 41
2010 – Virginia 55 to 45

Golfweek Amateur Tour National Championship
October 21-23, 2011 in Hilton Head, SC

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PostSubject: reply   Fri 17 Jun 2011, 3:49 pm

One Past Member of Team Virginia texted me this week and said
"Good e-mail, I'm hoping my name is on the TEAM at the end of the year. I'm excited.
I'm going even if I'm the 5th alternate!" from Mike Tucker.

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PostSubject: Re: 5th Annual VALA Challenge Cup   Fri 17 Jun 2011, 4:35 pm

Team Captains & Tour Directors - Eric Simmons (Louisiana) & Lyle Joyner (Virginia)

In the meeting hall before the first selections.

Chris Tuttle points out the line and Jim Gallagher rolls in the birdie!

Ramon Lancaon eyes a critical putt, with his partner Harry Richards watching.

Blake Brookman is fired up after making Birdie.

Chris Spanka & Chris Richards watch their opponents.

Some of Team Virginia watches the Singles Matches unfold.

Team Virginia surrounds the 18th Green waiting for the word.

Team Virginia winners of the 4th annual Challenge Cup

Championship Flight - Team Virginia

D Flight - Team Virginia

A Flight - Team Virginia

B Flight - Team Virginia

C Flight - Team Virginia

Co-Captains, Ric Wiese, Charles Falkiner & Kim Crank

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PostSubject: Updated Top 8 Per Flight who would QUALIFY   Thu 23 Jun 2011, 11:26 am

Below are the current players who would QUALIFY for the VALA Challenge Cup (Top-Cool per flight.

Championship Flight (0-3.9)
Mauro, Tony
Gallagher, Jim
Hawkins, Jeff
Brookman, Blake
Tuttle, Chris
Saylor, Austin
Jeltema, Brian
Neidermeyer, Eric

A Flight (4.0-8.9)
Matthews, Tim
Vargas, Conrado
McMath, Patrick
Marshall, Donny
Ward, Rusty
Madson, Dan
Burinskas, Bob
Bishop, Bob

B Flight (9.0-13.9)
Faggert, David
Boyer, Stan
Beale, Andrew
Sweitzer, Glen
Bellflower, David
Brady, Tom
Barfield, Wayne
Slawson, David

C Flight (14.0-18.9)
Manganti, Ignacio
Harrison, Franklin
Jones, James
Weaver, Robert
Wiese, Ric
Redmond, Sean
Cheaney, Charles
Wren, Mike

D Flight (19.0+)
Consolvo, Bryan
Lancaon, Ramon
Richards, Chris
Beckett, Kenneth
Hall, John
McConnell, Barry
Spanka, Chris
Kresovich, Marty
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PostSubject: Re: 5th Annual VALA Challenge Cup   

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5th Annual VALA Challenge Cup
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