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 Chase Cup and point reset

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PostSubject: Chase Cup and point reset   Mon 20 Jun 2011, 5:46 pm

I was wanting someone to do confirm/deny my understanding of the second half of the season. My understanding is the top ten in each flight are seeded 1 thru 10, with the 10th seed starting at 65 points (I think). If a player is in the 'all others'- which I clearly am- they start out at zero. So, what that means- if I understand what is going to happen- is 'all others' start essentially 65 (or whatever the number is) points out of the top 10, and theoretically anyway, still have a chance to qualify for the VALA Cup matches. Is my understanding correct.

Thanks in advance for your response.


Bob Tallman
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PostSubject: reply   Tue 21 Jun 2011, 9:34 am

TAGT Competitions
Season Championship: The TAGT Season Championship is based on season-long points accumulation that begins with the first event of the season and concludes at Local Finals. Event points are described in the GWAT manual. Prizes and trophies will be awarded to Season Champions. The basis for participation in the National Championship will be season points standings. The top ten players in points standing in each of the five flights are eligible to participate in the National Championship (presuming they meet the requirement to have played in 50% of the local tour events).

TAGT Chase Cup: The Chase Cup is a separate event that will run concurrently with the last four scheduled events of the season. A separate points ladder will be maintained for the Chase series. The top ten players in each flight will be seeded to start the series with points assigned based on their position in the season points total. Starting points for each place are defined in the below table:

Season Points Standing (Seed) Chase Cup Starting points
1 > 150
2 > 135
3 > 120
4 > 105
5 > 90
6 > 75
7 > 60
8 > 45
9 > 30
10 > 15
All others > 0

Players earn Chase Cup points for their finish in each event. The points structure is the same as the table in the GWAT manual for season points competition. One-round Chase events are single points events, and two-round events are double-points. The final event, held in conjunction with the season Local Finals, is a double-points event.

Flight movement during Chase Cup: Players may move flights during the Chase Cup. All requests to move down a flight must be made before registration closes for Local Finals (the final event of the year). Players who advance a flight during the Chase Cup will take the number of Chase points assigned at the start of the Chase, plus 80% of points earned during the Chase up to a maximum number of points equaling a tie for 3rd place in the new flight. Players who move down a flight during the Chase Cup will take all Chase points with no deduction.
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PostSubject: Re: Chase Cup and point reset   Fri 01 Jul 2011, 11:57 am

I hope Lyle's post answered your question, but there are a couple other points to make:

1. Lyle sent out an email a while ago that said, essentially, that he has two VALA "Captain's Picks" for each flight. He said he and Eric Simmons reached an agreement that in equity they will only use those Captain's picks on someone who has played in that flight during the current season. So, for example, if a player is in A Flight, but has a B-flight tour index and has not played in B Flight during the current year, that person cannot be picked for the VALA team in B Flight. We have a number of players in different flights who might be affected by this rule, so players should give serious consideration to moving down a flight so they can be selected for VALA

2. In te past the Golfweek National Tour Director has extended a special invitation to all of our VALA team members to play in the National Championships. This is true even if they don't qualify based on their season points standing. This is a great deal, and realy makes the week at Hilton Head worthwhile. I just saw Dennis (the National Tour Director) last week, and he indicated he plans to do the same this year. Players must still meet all the other criteria (played in at least half of local tour events and be a member in good standing).

3. The "Chase Cup" is designed to be a "chase". The seeding process builds that pursuit by seeding top ranked players with a "head start". We are supposed to catch and overtake them. The head start has been really minimized this year compared to previous seasons. Whowever the wins the first Chase event willbe leading their flight in the Chase. So the lead can be eroded very quickly.

Hope that adds some valuable info;

Jim Gallagher
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PostSubject: Re: Chase Cup and point reset   

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Chase Cup and point reset
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